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an upgrade causing a popular third party piece of software to make the system unstable is just unacceptable.

No, it's standard practise for Microsoft. Any popular third-party s/w magically breaks after an OS upgrade. To persuade you to use Microsoft's alternative (if they have one) or to force down the share price of that third party so Microsoft can buy it on the cheap and then offer that s/w themselves (an update after the takeover magically unbreaks the s/w).

This is what Microsoft does. They steal (if they can) or buy (if they must) any popular third-party s/w. They strategically upgrade the OS to make the competition fall over or run slowly.

And, in every instance of them doing this, the Microsoft offering is shite compared with the competition. Even if they stole the s/w in the first place, they tinker with it and bork it. See stacker for an example.

And before the fanboys complain, they ought to remember the Netscape wars. Netscape complained about unfair competition from Internet Exploder being bundled with the OS installation media. Microsoft responded by making IE an integral part of the OS in the next major release of the OS. Couldn't be removed. Except somebody did manage to remove it, and found the OS then ran 10% faster.


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