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It's tricky. I wouldn't personally go to Mumsnet and complain it is hostile to men, however the fact there is an inherent gender bias at Mumsnet is patently true, as otherwise it would be called Parentsnet.

Software engineering is a tricky field. In general it's a slightly dorky field with a barrier to entry along the lines of the whole "what do you want to be when your old? Ok maths and computers are boring and hard I won't do that", whereas younger males are immensely competitive on video games and just kinda veer into a comp sci course.

Women are essentially capable and valuable in comp sci roles, it's just that statistically it appears they don't want to pursue that field. My electronics degree was 97% male, probably 99% white or Asian. We would have killed for more women/diversity to join us on the course - not just because we'd like to date them, because too many software nerds find social interaction with women difficult because some just don't talk to women.

Beyond this - what is the actual issue here? Is there a specific harassment issue or accusation of intrinsic bias? Or is it simply that some Gender Studies PhD wanted to structurally analyse a nerdy website because it's fashionable and someone was mean to her while playing CoD?

I keep hearing that us evil men discriminate against women, because women are underrepresented at management level. I'd probably argue the opposite - they are overrepresented compared to the statistical numbers that actually pursue employment in the field.

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