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Dear Pocket/Mozilla

"that users need to trade their privacy and data in exchange for personalized, high quality experiences,"

First up, that's bullshit. Let me reword it truthfully: you need users to accept trading their privacy and data in exchange for apparently more specific advertising.

Secondly, have you even considered that us Europeans have more stringent "rights"? Use whichever search engine you're in bed with to look up GDPR.

Thirdly, doing business with a company implies a measure of trust and confidence (I know, I know, so old fashioned). A company that is willing to use dishonest means to profile me without permission or notification for advertising (that is, stuff I notice on more than one site in a day or two (depending on memory and wakefulness)) is written down in a notepad as a list of companies to never do business with. I flag DNT and I scramble cookies. Anything that doesn't give me random adverts is disregarding my choices, and anything that is noticed through this is blacklisted.

Finally, anything that is capable of uniquely identifying a user for advert profiling etc is capable of uniquely identify a user, period. Can we please get away from this idiotic mentality that one is "anonymous" if you aren't known by name? There are many many ways to identify a person uniquely. Will GPS and WiFi SSIDs be a part of this identification? If so, I live rural. Very rural. Congratulations, you've just narrowed it down to one of two people on planet Earth, and looking to see whether it's animé/geek or crochet will determine which. You don't need my name to identify me (though a location will give an address so it can be looked up)... Anonymous is anonymous and useless for advert profiling. Anything else is not anonymous.

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