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Brit healthcare system inks Windows 10 install pact with Microsoft


Not sure about the solution but one thing for sure, W10 is not appropriate for work at all, not even for gaming!

Last friday I had to work in a DC because of a major incident.

Needed to shut down more than 80 virtual machines and of course my W10 laptop didnt work.

When I opened the lead it was saying someghing went wrong with the previous update and rolling back everythinh...

If I would not have my personal laptop(no matter the OS here, dont want to advertise anything) then I really would not work.

Time frame was very important here, we didnt have any spare minutes at all. Without proper shutdown all images would go wrong.

Now the questios is that why MS overrides the settings when update switched off and restarts the system without asking me???

Also we got this new issue on the servers as well. 2 months ago one of our Sql server updated itself being update disabled and forced to reboot.

Users are getting told what to do... Anyhow I understand the idea behind this, but when a patient needs urgent solution then W10 upgrade/rollback could kill the patient without a joke!

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