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Seems people now want permission to waste other peoples time

On StackOverflow people give up their free time to post answers to questions. Its full of people who have taken time to learn their craft, and then help others, yes and gain kudos while doing it.

It has people like Jon Skeet who has written books on c# etc...

Now this seems to be a whinge from people who don't like the competition element and the fact there are some rules to follow. There are reputation points and badges on nearly every social site.

SO is full of people who like to look smart, so what, you have no right to waste their time, do your homework and join in, or don't, your call your loss.

In my early Dev days i posted one of my first posts ever, a question on the Compuserve SQL forum. I was a newbie and knew very little about SQL and was using Access.

A guy I'd never heard of called Joe Celko answered and ripped into me, Access was a piece of crap, non standard SQL etc.. but he did answer the question.

Did i cry, report him to the Mod, log off forever. Nope, i asked some more questions, then a lot more. Turns out Joe Celko was involved in writing some of the SQL specs and had an answer to every question, he told me how to do hierarchies in SQL, and yes it worked even in Access, access to people like that is Gold.

These folks seem to have been failed badly by their parents if the slightest suggestion of something negative is a problem to them.

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