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Adam 1

read his blog post last week

and I've got to say he nailed a few things. I can't really comment about hostility to women or people of colour (being neither myself). I haven't seen anything but that may be because the mods catch it early. But there is definitely a vigilante element where someone dares to ask two questions about a block of code. They get strung and quartered if they dare start a sentence with "what is the best practice for ....". They could have answered "The best practices in this area is heading into opinion territory. Rather, here is one way to achieve what you want that uses recognised design patterns XYZ."

I totally support the downvote of the code dump "My code has a problem" or the "insert literal quote from someone's homework with no effort of a solution". I totally support the XY response. I think people can be too aggressive on the duplicate flag, but support it in the right circumstances. I just don't get the idea of down voting something without you or someone else pointing out why the answer is wrong or dangerous or just a code dump without context.

At the end of the day, if there are people out there who don't contribute because of prevailing attitudes, then the answers aren't as good as they could potentially be. That doesn't mean that everyone is a snowflake. But it is possible to show respect to someone even when you think they are wrong. If you cannot articulate why there are dragons (or at least missed opportunities) on the suggested answer or comment that you disagree with, then that says more about you than the answer and you should defer to someone else to respond.

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