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Re: Making Non-compliant Encryption Illegal

There are a couple of points about backdoors.

1, For the spooks, time is often of the essence. So a poorly implemented private encryption scheme will often be good enough to serve the needs of some bad actor.

2. Making private encryption schemes illegal is unlikely to deter the bad guys (see point 1 above).

3. The scope of a private encryption scheme does not have to be large. A scheme to encrypt text messages and email might be enough (since the bad guys are already using so-called "burner" phones for voice).


For example, how long will it take to decrypt the following text message which uses a poorly implemented word replacement scheme?

putrescine memorabilities underbubble mecometer aggregates decidement interpellant Creamer moppets Hourihan Camorrist dineric fibroenchondroma pulsation simulates incapacitator orthoxazin resolder nephele coradicate Gallicolae snake-eyed microphonic rain-soaked entoplasm facet scoliorachitic appreciating comournful marshalled hout alada self-recording sweet-scented Altingiaceae acupuncturation Reformati Pellikka sophronizing unaverted nontumultuous nukes time-tested NAR unclotting diskery lance-breaking telpherage intebreeding highveld Cirone sure-refuged Orobanche free-tongued reclaimableness pseudomiraculous Alec oxyphilous knownothingism tut-tutted


Feel free to publish the plain text.

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