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Re: Why would Apple (or anyone else) want to be in the loop?

Take it one step further.. who will store and hold all those keys in a 100% safe and secure manner such that the keys can't fall into hands that have less than good intentions?

You can watch the result of that with Telegram. That is what Russian law stipulated and this is what Telegram ran afoul of.

The fallout there continues.

1. The first lawsuit against malicious damage by the local telecoms regulator has been filed and accepted. More to follow.

2. Their equivalent of facebook (VK) has openly declared that it will implement an end-to-end encrypted messaging for all of its 100M+ users and the regulator can go shove its demands into a location which is usually described as where sun does not shine.

What the proponents of these ideas fail to understand is that we live in different times. France, USSR could ban end users using encryption and enforce the ban because of the ratio of resources between state and violator. The state could swat the violator like a fly.

In this day and age that ratio for any reasonable size Internet company is reversed. From a network perspective all the large Internet companies possess MORE resources than a nation state. Some (as Telegram has shown), are not afraid to use them either.

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