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You can't compare them at all. GitHub is a service. GitLab is an open-source server software with an official hosting option. Sure, that official hosting option does rather suck in terms of reliability and that's why I don't use it, personally, but I'm still a huge fan of GitLab as a software. House-of-ten-thousand-dodgy-dependency-cards (written in at least half a dozen different languages, too!) it may be, but, once it *is* up and running, GitLab is sublime.

And, frankly, on a shallow U.I. level, GitLab is way ahead in terms of usability. GitLab's Repository -> Graph page knocks the pants off any linear list of commit history with a combo-box for changing between branches and tags. If you're managing a team of developers, all collaborating on various branches in various repos. to create real products, being able to see a high-level, graphical overview of the graph straight in your browser is a hugely convenient tool. (If such a thing exists in GitHub, PLEASE let me know. I haven't been able to find it. Oh, and also how to see a list of the repositories I have starred but not contributed too without having to navigate to my own public profile page -- an obtuse route that requires at least three page transitions!)

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