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The NVMe over FC cookbook you mentioned... plus iNVMe...

Good comments from Greg. The end of the article comments on the need for a cookbook to transition to FC-NVMe... There is such a book, though not much cooking is required, since recent SANs and HBAs offer concurrent support for both SCSI and NVMe over Fibre Channel. Check out "NVMe over Fibre Channel for Dummies", in ebook and print form. Full disclosure, I work at Brocade/Broadcom, and I'm one of the authors. There are several editions, some cobranded with storage OEMs along with Brocade. The book went to print before the NVMe-over-TCP spec effort got much attention. I agree with Muli that this will be a popular standard (when finalized, probably later this year) because, like FC-NVMe, it'll work on your existing infrastructure. Just as FC-SCSI and iSCSI coexisted for 15 years or so, you can expect FC-NVMe and "iNVMe" to coexist. That is, I see NVMe-over-TCP as exactly parallel to iSCSI, and so nickname the new protocol as "iNVMe", and I expect it'll be far more popular than the RDMA-based Ethernet options. Note that, as with iSCSI, there's still that gap around name services that Greg mentioned.

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