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Yeah, I was of the same opinion. In fact I am kind of wondering why it even uses a phone at all. They need their own lens, so at that point why not just buy the camera part of a smartphone and incorporate it into the design? The processing is even done on a computer, so it's not like they needed the phone for ... anything.

And at the end of the day, you still need a small fortune in biological agents and chemicals to actually run the tests. That anyone could do. All it really is, is just a convenient base for a portable lab where a technician still has to do all of the work. (Or buy pre-prepared tests.) Kind of sad that this is newsworthy.

Now had it actually had a microscope lens able to optically recognize blood contaminants, or an array of specialized nano-particle detectors where you add a drop of blood and they bin (and thus recognize), and so your only task is to clean the "sensor", add blood, and then clean the sensor again, now you're talking interesting. But this is not that. By a long shot.

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