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"Unfortunately for most high speed broadband providers the ISP offers no choice of modem, and the bimbling idiots of Ofcom turn a blind eye to the EU rules requiring that ISPs provide a choice of terminal equipment."

With the sole exception of Sky, no UK ISP actively prevents you from using your own router. Virgin require that the superturd be used, but at least there is a modem mode to turn off most of the nastiness. FTTH networks like Openreach's (for the few who can get it) necessitate the use of the telco supplied modem, but you can still use your own router. ADSL and FTTC customers can buy one of many models of modem or modem+router - from a TPlink cheapie all the way to a Cisco ISR if you are so inclined.

Not really sure what Ofcom or the EU have to do with this. Even TalkTalk have an automated phone line where it'll read out your PPP username and password for any router of your choice.

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