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Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn? Doesn't matter – they may need to update their room key software

Nate Amsden Silver badge

perhaps no fix coming

If the vendor no longer develops the software, seems likely the fix would be to upgrade the system, I find it unlikely most hotels would be willing to spend the $$ to upgrade so many systems for such a vulnerability, unless it starting being widely exploited.

The article is not clear but I think the good news may be that the vulnerability only affects systems that use NFC-like technology to authenticate the lock and not systems that use mag stripes(which I've read have their own issues).

In my hotel traveling experience in recent years maybe I can count on one hand the number of hotels I've stayed at that wireless key cards, one hotel in particular I stay at regularly upgraded to wireless key cards, their previous key card system looked as if it was at least 15-20 years old(had never seen a lock design like it at any other hotel I stayed at anyway).

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