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So you’ve got a zero-day – do you sell to black, grey or white markets?

Rajesh Kanungo

Question of ethics

We know that FB sold information to Cambridge Analytica which was used to target citizens in various elections around the globe. Both FB and CA made a ton of money. FB was also the platform of choice for Russian trolls. So FB made money from them.

I KNOW I will never do this but as a security professional, I can see an immoral person justifying selling an FB 0 day to a foreign agency and keeping the money for himself. This is a very slippery slope.

Companies are making a ton of money writing bad software and not following SDLC. Shouldn't they be to blame? I can see occasional mistakes slipping through the cracks but a whole slew of them? Every day I hear of flash 0 days. What is up with that? And they are still making money?

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