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All snark aside, did you think UWP would protect it? No, it actually becomes _worse_

With particular attention to the "Windows 10 S bypass" part.

The Win32 API is what Microsoft should *STICK* *WITH*. All of that other 'S' should NEVER have been TRIED in the FIRST place!

That means: ".Net", Silverlight, UWP, 'The Metro', "The Store", 8.0's TILE SCREEN, "the Settings", that ridiculous attempt at a hybrid start screen + start menu on Win-10-nic, the slurping, the tracking, the "Microsoft Logon", the FORCED UPDATES, the ALWAYS ALPHABETIZED "apps" list, and (of course) the 2D FLATSO!!!

These should have NEVER been tried, let alone IMPLEMENTED.

Microsoft: Ruining Windows since 2003.

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