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Microsoft's support has been fine. Their strategy has been a pile of shite - but they've given decent support to the stuff they've released.

They aren't responsible for the apps. Being on a dying platform is why they're no longer being renewed. That's not MS's fault either, other than the aforementioned pisspoor strategy causing the death of their platform.

I've no prejudice against Android. I know the risks, as I did when I bought in to Windows Phone. For me, the apps are on the iPad, the phone is a tool for calls, texts, email and travel (satnav and timetables).

With MS I risked a lack of apps - but didn't care. Hence I recommnended it to my Mum, who also didn't care - but I've suggested Android or iOS to those that did.

For ease of use Android is less good. It does more, so is more complex. Not the trade-off I want in my phone, but what I demand in a PC.

As for support, I'm not sure there's any Android phone that you can trust you'll get even security updates, other than Google's very expensive Pixels. All other manufacturers have broken their promises on different models and Google have let them. I don't expect feature updates - though I do object to phones and tablets being sold new on software 2 releases out of date. The reason my tablet purchase went to Apple... I didn't update from Win Pho 8 to 10, but MS gave me the option.

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