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What I really think? I think I've been royally shafted. I started with a Nokia Lumia 700, which I loved. I moved to a 1020, which was a great device as well. When I accidentally destroyed that one, I went for the 950, expecting even bigger and better things than with the 1020, but have been massively disappointed. It's flimsy, plastic, low quality design, it's poor performance, it's unwillingness to do some of the most basic things, I have regularly been infuriated by the device and I'm planning on smashing it to bits, once I get my replacement. I'll have to keep it on for a little while, as I have some game accounts that need to be transferred, but once I'm completely migrated, I am going to take a hammer and smash the living shit out of it. I'm thinking of filming the act and upload it for everyone's viewing pleasure. I have been greatly looking forward to this for quite some time now.

So there's what I really think.

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