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MS repeatedly kicked corporate users in the teeth, there was no suitable replacement for windows mobile 6.5 so we went to Android. We evaluated windows 7 and were on the verge of placing an order when it was pulled. We waited for 8 and then re-engaged, made a large purchase of lumia 640's. They were a good phone with a decent app base and reasonable integration but we never got MDM working satisfactorily on win 8.1.

We joined the windows insider programme and tested all the windows devices we had on win 10 they worked perfectly, the upgrade was an absolute pain but the 640 was a better device on win 10.

At this stage we were given a guarantee from Microsoft that the 640's would be supported on win10 but when we finally got the win10 launch there was no image for the 640. We ere promised it was on its way but when it appeared it was only for some models of the 640 which had never been sold in Europe. The end result was we wasted money on the handsets, money running rigorous integration tests, money configuring the MDM solution and then had 400 bricks left. We had switched to 650's as the base phone by then but had to replace all the 640's. Since then apps have been disappearing from the phone, the classic was when Microsoft upgraded its Authenticator app (useful for multi vendor two factor authentication) but removed it from their own phones. I think that was the first Microsoft app they deprecated but by no means the last. I believe they have successfully committed suicide as far as a corporate phone goes now, especially as there are now CESG best practice hardening guides for Android.

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