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Transparency and Strategy

With respect to Gurpreet Singh's statement.

1. They haven't been able to secure $25M in funding which was expected for Series B. Only partial amount has been secured as they cannot generate Sales.They have been trying to get funding since Mid-December.

2. In storage you need "money and network" to sell system which would cost few hundred thousands dollar. See Pure Storage they got money else they would be out

3. Removing All of SQA and 60 percent of Core Development team from US office is part of normal evolution ? I think it is normal for shrinking companies not growing companies.

4. When would company let go of Core Engineering team to hire Sales/Sales support personnel ?

5. Two people working in Europe doesn't equal to opening an office in Europe ? Where is office in Europe. I don't find address on Pavilion Data website.

6. Removing Founder of company followed by complete hardware engineering + 60 percent of SW team + 100% SQA team for "performance management and alignment to objectives and investments".

At this point things don't add up :)

Two things that lead to layoff:

1. Pavilion's software and hardware product is fully developed and hardware is extremely stable. This lead to firing of key engineering team who didn't get along with CEO and CTO.

2. For VC to invest in Series B, they need to see Sales, Sales and only Sales. The CEO, CTO and VP Sales couldn't deliver single sales by themselves. Sales which has happened until now is because of earlier CEO and Founder. This CEO,CTO and VP of Global Sales team haven't delivered a single sale.

For Startup to succeed, CEO/CTO and Sales personnel's "Network" is more important than anything else. Network is developed based on TRUST. Nobody has Trust in this TRIO in Storage industry or Venture community. Product can be build by any other company too, it takes money and network to sell it. Selling is an Art not a Science!

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