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As time goes by I realise just how special the comprehensive school was that I went to.

I had several teachers who actively encouraged you to discover new things about the stuff they were teaching. My history teacher taught us how to research, my Physics teacher taught me how to think from first principles.

My German teacher taught me the benefits of inviting attractive exchange students over to teach us, and my Chemistry teacher taught me that just because people are older and have degrees, they can still be stupid and biased.

One form tutor taught me about tolerance and understanding, another taught me about encouraging people who are on the wrong path to channel their energies into more constructive activities without it having to be boring.

My woodwork teacher taught me how irresponsible a teacher could be when they'd had enough and was buggering off round the world*.

Bloody hell, the more I think about it the more I realise just how lucky I was.

*This involved letting 30 kids run loose in the local Spinney and engaging in stone fights across a railway crossing just as it crossed a river.

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