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Odd thing about millenials...

....the ones I meet from other countries are not nearly so excessively emotional as the ones we have in the UK. I mean sure, they all have the same stupid clothes and suspect taste in music, and they're all utterly obsessed with right-on causes, but those in Sweden, America, and Singapore with which I am forced to interact all seem considerably more robust and emotionally balanced than our own stock.

Mocking them is easy, but really they're the product of the "nobody loses, everybody wins, anybody can be famous" philosophy of schooling and media. Its a big part of why the real world comes as such a smack in the face to most of them. They might not help themselves, but its really not all their own fault.

No post about Millenials could be complete without this:

Or a mention from another thread of googling "millenial doorbell".

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