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Carrot will always work over stick

As one of the other commentators say, there has to be an advantage for using IPV6. Either companies have to be generous and offer freebies to IPV6 connections (i.e. Valve offering extra free game weekends over IPV6), or perhaps funding companies to disable adverts on IPV6 for now.

Go on, reg, if you actually care. Enable IPV6 on thereg, and disable adverts over it for a few weeks, or say ten minutes of no ads for IPV6 users a day. Put your money where your mouth is.

Consumers do not care about IPV6, but they won't change because their ISP doesn't support it, and their router may not either. If the ISP fixed those two problems, their operating system would very probably 'just work' (all currently supported operating systems support IPV6, and it's available to people who are still using XP..)

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