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Various inane ramblings.

Back in the day a certain large Telco had several Class A allocations because at the time few companies wanted one or even knew what one was. Have they been returned, or are they an appreciating asset?

Users demand V6......come on, 95% of users at least have no idea what IP stands for, what DNS is, MAC address, anything that underpins the easy names used to identify and connect to network resources. If all new installs from ISPs were IPv6 only, the end user wouldn't even notice as long as all the devices in the home were V6 capable. Even then the ISP supplied router could act as a gateway for legacy kit.

I suspect that one of the main anchors is ISPs continuing to roll out obsolete kit {cough}SH3{cough} and not wanting to replace the enormous real estate which is end user devices. The current service is "good enough". In the States, allegedly, there is a vast estate of cable routers which are old, slow and tired {know how they feel} which are also a massive cash cow. Why kill the cow that gives the golden milk?

Until major services start to fail in an obvious manner and there just aren't any more bodges (NAT, carrier grade NAT) to keep the current edifice stumbling along there is no incentive to go V6.

In fact, didn't NAT completely take the wind out of IPv6's sails by making it an interesting but non-urgent idea?

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