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Won't happen, don't stress over it. When the first site that's gotta be visible for some application is available on IPv6 only, then you'll get what you need to go IPv6 :)

And that ain't ever going to happen, not in my lifetime anyway.

No *business* is going to put their content on IPv6 only and have it visible to only a fraction of the world, when for a few dollars more it can be visible to the whole world. Perhaps once 99% of the users have IPv6 access then IPv6-only sites will start to appear.

There is no IPv4 shortage at the *content provider* side of things. You can share IPv4 addresses via CDNs, reverse proxies, load balancers, HTTP virtual hosts, SNI etc; this has been going on for years.

Even if a content-provider business *does* need their own IPv4 address for a service, and suppose it cost $10,000, they would still pay it just to make their service usable to everyone; they often pay more just for a cool domain name.

Things are different at the access side (i.e. users / customers). There, the shortage of IPv4 addresses is acute (at least in some regions). But unfortunately, deploying IPv6 does nothing to reduce the shortage, because it doesn't remove the need for IPv4 source addresses to access most of the Internet. If you don't have enough IPv4 addresses to give each customer one, then you are forced to use some sort of NAT, whether it be NAT44 or NAT64.

I see one solution: connecting the IPv6 and IPv4 Internets with a giant NAT64. This could be done by the existing content providers (e.g. Akamai, Cloudflare, Google): each of them could treat the whole IPv4 Internet as a big pool of user content and NAT64 to it as a public service. Then an end-user could have an IPv6-only connection, but still reach the whole IPv4 Internet (at least over TCP and UDP).

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