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Facebook admits it does track non-users, for their own good

JohnFen Silver badge

"uMatrix stops them loading from the domain"

I actually use firewalls to stop that -- all traffic, incoming and outgoing, is blocked by default. I have to whitelist sites I want to communicate with. I rely on NoScript to manage scripts (as well as prevent other common nastiness) coming from sites that I've whitelisted.

NoScript (and firewalls, for that matter) is just one part of a much more comprehensive defense plan. I rely as little as possible on browser-based defenses because they only help when dealing with the web, but my use of the internet is more expansive than just browsing the web. Also, keeping most of your defenses in one place, such as your browser, is a security weakness itself. It's a single point of failure -- should the browser be subverted, all of those defenses are gone at once.

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