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> I'm aware of ad nauseum, but prefer to block scripts for a number of reasons -- one of which is that I don't want to reward sites for using ads that include tracking.

You can do both, you know.

I block absolutely everything: cookies, images, media, fonts, scripts, analytics, beacons, XHR/XSS, iframes and 'other' from the domain with uMatrix, block scripts and XSS in my browser with NoScript and also use adNauseum for the reasons given.

adNauseum also prevents the ads from executing their scripts because it is based on uBlock Origin - your clicking them doesn't actually allow them to track you, it just ensures the site owner doesn't go bust.

But you can also tell it not to click them at all and, that way, the site owner doesn't get rewarded for including ads that track.

Either way around though, even if adNauseum isn't your thing, you should be using some sort of adblocker (like uBlock Origin) to block them at source. Just preventing the scripts from running won't stop you from getting tracked, because the call to load them in the first place lets the originating domain track you thanks to the site serving the page you load requesting "the script that loads the advert for this version of that browser with the following specific defaults (including fonts, display resolution, local language, location, time and date...)"

You should also be using Decentraleyes to keep precisely that kind of thing at bay.

Don't rely upon blocking scripts locally with NoScript alone to defeat trackers - it won't.

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