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Facebook admits it does track non-users, for their own good

Ian Michael Gumby

Cue the lawyers ... Re: Big Hoodie

Depending on the site's ToS, the fact that FB is monitoring and tracking non FB subscribers may be a violation of the ToS and agreement w Facebook.

Again this shouldn't be a surprise and why many w NoScript block FB scripts.

Of course not all browsers work w script blockers and addons.

This could be a major Class Action lawsuit against FB since none of those who were tracked gave permission for FB to track them.

Again, lets ask El Reg why they run Google's Analytics given that in today's world, its very easy for a competent admin to write their own tracking javascript. Note: While not FB, its an example of a major corporation spying on you without your knowledge or approval. It is also one way that FB , Google and others can spy on you and track you without the use of cookies.

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