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Hey Amazon

Yes you.

Why am I getting emails offering me the exact same items (maps) that I bought three months ago?

Shut the F**k up.

There is a reason why I've cut down on my use of Amazon. I rediscovered the joy of Stanfords Map Shop last weekend so guess where I'll be buying my maps from in future.

Then there is the little matter of Concete Mixers. I looked at one on your site and even bought one yet you think that I need more of the things????? I don't. Stop it.

As for FaecaeBook, I've had it blocked on my Firewall for at least 5 years now. The same goes for 90% of Google and all of Twitter's domains. I recently had to setup a filter in email to junk stuff from LinkedIn. I deleted my effing account years ago. Why are you still sending me contact requests from people I've never known or herd of. Did you actually delete my stuff or not? I think not.

All of the above is a sign of the times. It is time to say no and get these corporations to take us seriously.

OR we will start taking you to court. I'd love to be able to send in the Bailiffs to remove stuff from Google/MS/FB/etc etc with the press present. If enough of us do it they might start to get the message that this bad publicity is bad for their bottom line.

LEt us all hope that this CA/FB thing is the start of the 'turning of the worm'.

Enough is Enough!

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