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Facebook admits it does track non-users, for their own good

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For maximum effect, block everything by default because there's so much crap out there, and not just Facebook. I also block 1st-party JS & cookies because it's gotten even more annoying than it was in 1999.

Instructions for (paranoid) umatrix noobs: Click umatrix icon, click blue box at top left, select "*". On the "all" line, css & images are green; click them off (should be pink). On "1st-party" line, click bottom half of cookies & scripts (should be red). Click lock icon to save settings.

Caveat: every time you visit a crap website, you have to open umatrix and figure out what to allow to make the site work. If that's too time consuming, ask yourself: why am I wasting my time surfing this Web of Shit?

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