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Now because I don't have an account, I can't manage or "untag" this stuff

Erm, if you don't have an account they cannot "tag" you at all. You can only tag (in Facebook terminology) another users account. If you don't have an account, that isn't possible.

If you mean someone has written your name - e.g. "this is me and John Smith" on a photo, then it's no wonder Facebook support staff are confused! Unless you have a very unique name I imagine it's nigh on impossible for them to accurately identify you - since as you said - you don't even have an account they can reference.

I'm sorry but the level of your ignorance is really a bigger problem than any "naughty stuff" Facebook are doing. The fact so many people upvoted the OP is frightening. Please feel free to explain how you think you have been "tagged" in a way anyone can uniquely and accurately identify you, if you feel different.

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