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Adblocker Over-Confidence - Zuk gets the last laugh!

1. How do NON-USERS of Facebook permanently stop tracking, when its so pervasive that even Airlines such as Lufthansa & Emirates sell users out to Facebook during the online booking process... Adblockers can't help because this is insidious Server-Side data-sharing which is occurring in the background.

2. How do we stop Facebook trading / sharing / slurping / merging data about NON-USERS from 3rd-Party Data Brokers... Offline & Online... How do we shut this 'industrial spying apparatus' down permanently?

3. How do we force Facebook to permanently <<<DELETE>>> old user accounts and Shadow Profiles of USERS+NON-USERS? From Schrems, we know Facebook never deletes anything. Users have also verified seeing deleted zombie posts rise-from-the-dead after 5-10 years in their Activity Logs, wtf?

4. Only now after the Facebook/Android message slurp revelations, are users waking up to the fact that its often their low-hanging-fruit friends / colleagues / family, that are ratting them out to giants like Facebook (by either being naive and sharing too much or not understanding how the process works). Again Adblockers can do nothing to help here.

5. Shadow Profiles created from tracking non-users from websites with deals with Facebook or hosting Facebook like buttons / Google-Analytics or other 3rd party partnership that do the same kind of tracking... Here Ad-blockers should help. But only if they're updated all the time and the list of shadowy data websites is current, which is something which can't be guaranteed all of the time. It also assumes that your partners, kids, family don't visit and borrow a device and accidentally disable some of your defenses, even just for an evening etc.. It happens believe me!

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