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I had the same core idea as you, and I think that's an American perspective.

In my county in Southeast Michigan, property records -- owner, tax history, structural info -- are provided via a third-part service hired by most of the municipalities. It is completely free to use, and even wildcard searches can be performed. (I can look up everyone on my street at once!) Similarly, land sale information must be published in a local newspaper, so from day 1 every land owner is known.

Minnesota has the same laws; I once looked up my parents' address, and remember from long ago seeing land sale records in their hometown paper.

With required publicizing of such data (name, address, date of closing), I'm not at all concerned what WHOIS says about me. Such privacy fines and laws like GDPR may work for UK and EU but could never fly in the US without a major shift in government at all levels.

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