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Airbus plans beds in passenger plane cargo holds

Joe Gurman

This at least gets us closer my concept of several years gestation: since the airlines have been attempting, with ever greater success, to make single or coach class flying so physically painful and mentally stressful that no one wants to make the flight whilst conscious, the obvious endpoint is modular sleep tubes in which the passenger is kept sedated and hydrated by means of intravenous drips inserted before flight. The passengers are then led to their modular tube, strapped in, and several tubes at a time are forklifted into the specially built hull (lots of extra cargo doors). No need for windows in the aft 85% of the aircraft, no need for food service (maybe a glucose drip for the non-diabetic), none for non-emergency lighting, either.

Of course, some extensions to the idea are intriguing: pay extra to get a flotation device and a parachute inbuilt so print to an emergency landing or impact, all the paying tubistas can be popped free of the aircraft before it augurs in. Any sufficient g force (landing) would trigger the introduction of a mild stimulant in the drip, the appearance of a hot face towel, and Bob's your uncle.... unless you land in a tree. Still have to work on that part.

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