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Costs and stuff

We fly to the Antipodes every few years.

Last but one we flew coach with Cathay Pacific with a stopover in Sigapore.

Never again. Too cramped and too many overweight people.

As you get older and less flexible (and less tolerant) flights much over 4 hours in cramped conditions become intolerable.

Last time, due to short notice, the really cheap seats had gone. We had already decided to fly Premium Economy (like old style Business Class) when we realised that flying Business Class with Malaysian was only a touch more expensive.

First leg outwards was an A380, second leg was an A320. The A380 with a fully reclining bed was bliss. The partial recline in the A320 was OK but not a patch on the A380. Still way better than coach.

One of the best bits was the airport lounges. Eat drink and be merry, followed by priority boarding. We even got whisked through immigration at the other end which we thought was a bit off. Obviously not the target demographic but we expected that at least our luggage would have been sniffed over by the dogs looking for drugs and food.

Heathrow lounge was superb. BC and FC had the same food and drink, just table service in FC.

KL was a depressing pit but large and the champagne was drinkable. Flying back the lounge at Auckland was a joke. A fridge with some tinnies and a bit of a buffet. Like the breakfast room at any bottom budget chain hotel in the UK but worse.

On the pricing I assumed that it was 20% over BC prices.

Anyway, if this was offered on a non-stop flight to Oz or NZ and costed in against a two hop flight then I would certainly consider it. 17 hours in the coach class lottery - absolutely no way! I note that the press flew business class on the inaugural flight apart from one brave soul who booked into coach and was not impressed.

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