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Just to make you feel comfortable

In a world where Windows and Linux make the USER type passwords incessantly or at least click to give approval, but allow installation of their own packages, there is always a case for better security on the net, but there will never be a case where it can be provided.

USB ID dongles have been around for a long time, ultimately signals are sent through a bunch of wires that can be emulated. "You'll never have software reproduce MPEG they said..........." they did almost before they had finished the sentence. and they will reproduce dongle emulation, they have in the Music industry e.g DAWs with Cubasis and the like. The dongles get better but so does the emulation.

Do you want your System exposed to the internet as it has to see your USB ports, or one of them, Your Bluetooth is probably internally connected to USB, as is your mouse and keyboard, or touch screen. and much more. Are you one of the people longing to share the unique ID of IVP6 addresses of every device you own across the Internet to be followed everywhere with ?

Then there is the browser it will just 'bot' along in the same way as all the other similarly branded browsers. Auto logging in for you, your browser is consistent, it gives you a logon page and you click log-in, if it remembers you. If you have other things to do it sits there waiting until you can focus your attention on it.

It is all just to make you feel comfortable about the internet and commit to more ID across it.

If you want "security" stay off the Internet, and computers. These are tools of 'convenience', and with ever more convenience your security is lost. Security is does not come in half measures, it's something of the 'if you've have it then you have to have it all, if you don't have it all then you don't have it.

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