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Nervous Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg passes Turing Test in Congress

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I tried this with BT after I withdrew from a job offer. Even after I rescinded the offer, and specifically told BT not to contact my referees they did so anyway, 1 even four months later.

Cue massively irate me. Tried to get details of their data commissioner, no go. Several detailed emails pointing out their obligation under the DPA and no response. Massively iritating but I expect this will be industry standard practice just to ignore cogent emails regarding their data collection and storage policies. Never got anywhere. ICO wasn't interested either. Quel surprise!

Note under DPA (not sure about GDPR) a company can still deny your request under certain conditions. Cost and time to collate data being two. I remember years ago I saw a doc. about a guy who DSAR'd google. Initially they refused but the guy challenged them through a lawyer and ending up paying for the employee time to collect his data. Y'know those boxes that hold reams of photocopier paper? Think he got sent about a dozen of those.

Wonder how people would feel if they could have the same visual representation of data slurped? Might change the minds of some of the FB holdouts.

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