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The US is a funny place

Its rules and laws and systems are designed for lawyers and judges to make an endless obscene amount of money for doing essentially nothing as cases get batted back and forth.

Can chuck lobbyists and politicians 'on the right side' in a similar bottomless money pit mix too. Lobbying for and against rules that just get tweaked for the corporate brigade constantly over the years.

I fear the day the ever coming shift of the UK towards its powerful 'ally' especially post Brexit nears completion, we will be US light in a few years I'm sure - so many signs we're close already. Then how long before we drop the Diet tag after that I wouldn't be able to guess but probably not long.

Perhaps the thing that gets me the most is I could never bring myself to even entertain being part of that corrupt system and most people I know I'm sure are the same - it makes me wonder where this stream of seemingly moral free individuals stem from.

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