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Patent attorney here.

>Apple can keep attempts to stop them infringing in the courts until the person who owns the patent goes bankrupt / dies / etc.

I see that often. Large opponents tend to try to strangle the patent owner rather than settle.

A patent is supposed to be the little guy's means to stand up against the big guys but that requires a bit of planning. First off you can buy IPR insurance. One of my clients has survived attacks from a major international corporation clearly infringing my client's rights. With the treble damages rules this corporation is increasingly facing a huge abyss after years and years of massive sales and bad faith.

Also selling the patent to a patent litigator (including trolls) is also a possibility but also a realistic threat. The infringer would then go from harassing a small player to facing a battle hardened opponent going for the jugular. And this is one of the reasons large companies complain about trolls, since it changes the balance of power.

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