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Nervous Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg passes Turing Test in Congress

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Anonymous Coward

Zuck was 'asked whether Facebook is a monopoly.'

Zuck said No! - That's because in the US, Facebook owns the 2nd biggest social site too. But how many Americans even realize that??? :-



"Most Americans don’t know the identity of Instagram’s parent, which is just fine with Facebook. Facebook has boosted Instagram where convenient—in conversations with advertisers, for example—but otherwise hasn’t done a lot of co-branding, keeping it separate in the minds of consumers and lawmakers.

The majority of Americans don’t know about Instagram’s affiliation, according to a poll last year by Reticle Research and the Verge. On LinkedIn, when employees change jobs from Facebook to Instagram, they list Instagram as a separate company. In the U.S., Instagram has mostly avoided guilt by association with Facebook. And the parent company has worked to keep it that way.

Facebook owns a second social network that could one day be bigger than Facebook itself. Instagram has transformed from a small experiment, an “asterisk” in terms of Facebook revenue, to a “peer” in Zuckerberg’s eyes... Mark, the other day, said it used to just be that Facebook was the large, large majority of activity and revenue, and that’s different now - This is a new normal.”

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