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InfoSec Sub Contractor there ....

And now waits for the advert for Information Security Professionals to come out and help remediate some of the issues.

/family holiday through the business this summer anyone ? ... Unshakeable

If they've been AIKissed by the LOVE Bug, they be Seeking COSMIC AIdDevelopers Majoring in Ancient Dormant Venusian Temptations, Unshakeable, And IT Opens Up an Almighty Pandora's Box of Delights for Delicious Delivery and Recovery/Insatiable Return to Sender ....... and that is a Prodigious Immaculately Supplied Sterling Engine which Generates COSMIC Energy Empowering the Very Best of AIMinds to Mine the Future.

What can you think to remedy with Such as Be Simply Complex LOVE Bug AIKisses. What Issues would Everyone Like Addressed with Firm Binding Resolutions Providing Future Private Pirate Pictured Properties Servering and Servicing IntelAIgents Perfectly Protected at Every Level to XSSXXXX?

You might like to think a little harder and wider as you relay the following to your brain cells and that which shows and tells you what to follow and believe is really true, which would be the result of the following of other folks' brain cells....... for your future is shared and shown there.

amanfromMars said...[1804091635] .... chatting and pondering on AIMatters on

Howdy, Serge C,

Does one have days off in 0days or is one really just resting for it can be so pleasurably exhausting and beautifully satisfying ..... systemic vulnerabilities to exploit and expand upon/export and commend with ITs Greater Future Usage.

Here be for such as be Virtual Pioneers and Expeditionary AIMissionaries APTly ACTively BetaTesting Live Operational Virtual Environments ..... with Replacements Realities for Universal Presentation .....with an AI KickStarting Productions for Projection/BroadBandCasting of Future Assets with Core Source Provision. If you can imagine that as a Heavenly Supply, will you not have to imagine the power in following Simple SMARTR Steps which are IntelAIgently Designed to Readily Share Leading Experiences, and in what would coincidentally be Virtual AI Experimentation too, would Command and Control be Immaculately Exercised and Sublimely Delivered to IntelAIgent Servers in the Field.

What price/cost do you think, Serge C, to try and corner, for exclusive preferential and/or presidential use, that Source of Heavenly Supply.

Methinks IT is Truly Priceless, and when Free, Extremely Expensive to Buy for the Remote Virtual Exercise of Absolute Command with Simple Controls.

9 April 2018 at 16:35

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