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My PC makes ‘negative energy waves’, said user, then demanded fix


Almost definitely, but sometimes getting things functional is better than making them perfect.

Consider the case of the high-powered bigshot lawyer. Super-good at what she did, super productive, etc, but she had a monomaniacal focus on whether or not she had left her hairdryer plugged in, whether it was on, going to short out, cause an electrical fault, start a fire, etc.

Got to the point where it was about wrecking her life, she'd be running back from the office to home every few hours to ensure she hadn't left it was. Irrational, but it had its tow-hook stuck in her brain, she was on the verge of being fired, and finally went to see a psychiatrist.

She didn't get some aged and grey veteran of the field with a bajillion years of experience who could, through several years of hard work, maybe get her to the point that she could ignore it by talking to her. She didn't get a middle-aged veteran of the field armed with an entire pharmacopeia's worth of various drugs that MIGHT or might not make her better and might not but MIGHT carry ruinous side-effects of their own. She got the New Guy.

Now, the New Guy was not an FNG as known to those of us who use computers a lot. He certainly considered all of the traditional options. But, he was so surprised by her monomanical fixation upon one thing - it was never "did I leave the oven on," or "did I let the cat out," or "is the water running." It was always, only, "did I leave the hair dryer plugged in."

So surprised was he by this that he simply asked, "why didn't you just take the hair dryer to work with you?"

All of a sudden, boom. Functional fix. The bigshot high-powered attorney was still fully in the grips of OCD monomanical fixation upon whether or not her hair dryer was plugged in at home... But she only owned the one. When she had that thought in the car, her hair dryer was on the seat next to her, so obviously it could not be plugged in at home. At the office? Just pull open the desk bottom drawer; a hair dryer present and accounted for here obviously cannot be plugged in elsewhere.

So, whilst medical opinions on whether or not the "simple solution" was healthy are heavily divided, where the rubber meets the ride, the high-powered bigshot lawyer has her life back - just carrying about 2Kg worth of extraneous hair dryer wherever she goes. And while the woman who "senses negative waves" may indeed need a psychiatrist, if a sysadmin telling her how to turn off the wifi lets her stay calm and carry on, it may well be the simplest solution.

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