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My PC makes ‘negative energy waves’, said user, then demanded fix

Adrian Jones

I worked with someone who insisted on a printer being moved away from her, "because of the ozone" and left notes for the cleaners, not to clean her desk "because of the chemicals".

Then the colleague opposite her got a new PC with a flat screen monitor, and so she needed her old CRT to be replaced, "because of the radiation". They eventually came to a compromise of swapping monitors. My offer to explain that more "radiation" came out of the back of a CRT (which was now pointed at her) was met with threats of violence. :)

I currently have a colleague who's very bright, but occasionally *appears* to be quite gullible too. She's started bringing in crystals and talking about their properties and powers, which I'm almost convinced is a wind-up... mostly because she can hardly keep a straight face while talking about them. Or is it a double-bluff?

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