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> Upvoted, but the JREF $10e6 Challenge is no longer offered to psychics, dowsers and other Credulous Saucer Loons.

Not quite - the summary implies they've outright stopped, but if you read the full thing, they've just tightened up the process. To quote from yon link:

"We plan on continuing the Million Dollar Challenge as a means for educating the public about paranormal claims, but the process for consideration of claims has been changed effective September 1, 2015 [...] JREF will no longer accept applications directly from people claiming to have a paranormal power [...] We anticipate providing minimum required protocols for the preliminary test early next year"

Admittedly, I've not dug any further to see if they did actually develop these new protocols, and even if they did, I suspect that a lot of charla^H mystics will claim that the new processes are invalid.

"Of course I can't tell the difference between these two healing crystals when blindfolded - it blocks my chakras!"

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