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Facebook dynamites its own APIs amid data slurp scandals, wrecks data slurp applications

Ian Michael Gumby

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What about the average Joe who doesn't have a FB account, so never opted-in yet visits a site that runs FB javascript code? FB is slurping that data. Of course they probably pay the site to use their stuff and are therefore a 'partner' and thus you've agreed to it if there is a ToS for the site. For others. probably not.

Which also begs the question... El Reg, why do you use Google Analytics on your site? Google Tag Services?

Its the same thing... FB, Google slurp data from other websites on people who may or may not have an account thus no consent.

How is that going to survive a privacy challeng in the EU?

The Bomb Blast icon is for the idea that EU privacy laws are going to impact many companies in unsuspecting ways...

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