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My PC makes ‘negative energy waves’, said user, then demanded fix

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"And bluetooth with Win10 is an iffy affair. Bah."

Maybe its shitty Bluetooth products you are trying to connect?

I have a HP laptop that I use more or less as a desktop... It has a nice 24 inch Fujitsu monitor, plus a Samsung slim Bluetooth speaker for sound and some cheep Bluetooth keyboard I got from banggood for 50p .... the laptop is in a 3d printed cradle on the side of the desk and a mice 10 port powered USB hub for USB needs....

I have no problems with the keyboard while using windows 10. it does go asleep, and only takes a second or two to wake up, and no issues when the computer sleeps.... no problems with the Bluetooth speaker......

Maybe I am lucky,,,, I'll go get a ticket for this weeks euro millions...

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