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Reminds me of a story I read about

This has been a long time ago and I wished I saved the link. Anyway, as the story goes AT&T put up a new mobile phone tower in a neighborhood. As soon as it was erected, the neighbors started to complain about headaches. They complained so much and so often that the local news became involved. Turns out, the tower didn't even have electricity yet so it wasn't operational. It goes to show you the power of the mind.

But I do have a link. Many people have moved to Green Bank, West Virginia (and the surrounding area) because they are "allergic" to cell phones and WiFi. They are not, of course. It is all psychosomatic. Furthermore, the Green Bank radio telescope was placed where it was at because it meant to study radio waves from space -- the mountains block all terrestrial radio waves and none are allowed in the area. How can your mind distinguish between a radio wave from earth and from space? It can't, of course.

I do know people who sensitive to the noise these devices emit. But everyone I know like that doesn't get headaches from the devices, just that the low hissing noise that it makes bothers them and so absent any background noise their mind just focuses on that hiss. But that is different, that is sensitive hearing not allergic reaction.

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