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Hopefully this scandal plus many others to come I suspect (I'm surprised they haven't been hacked yet or some or breach hasn't come out to the press) will provide a catalyst for people to think about where they place their data.

It's unfortunate Facebook decided to go down the road it did sustain some sort of profitability. Provide a free service while munching on the data you provide to them. Back in the early days, a service helping to connect friends/family via common service platform was revolutionary. Took a while for the over-40s to get onboard, but for close family contact spread over different countries with ease was a bigger seller with Messenger appearing alongside the FB product (it's abysmal, but it did the job).

My facebook account has gone after many months of inactivity and really not caring for it anymore. Taken the snapshot of the archive and waved bye-bye. I care more about my Twitter profile (at least there's some pseudo-anonymity there and less virtue signalling via reposted articles from fake news sites).

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