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So how are ex-users / non-users Facebook supposed to Opt-Out?


There's no way!

Of course there is. It's just not official, like opting out of Windows 10 doing whatever the hell it wants.

Set your script blocker (you should be using one-- if not, fix that), ad blocker (same), and/or firewall to block all communications with and Set your browser to deny third party cookies, and use an addon that deletes all cookies after the tab is closed. Use an on-demand cookie crusher before and after logging into anything dodgy, like Google, and never use it for any service that involves personal data (such as anything on any Android phone-- it's a tracking device that has complete access to everything you do on it). No Gmail, Google Calendar, or any other thing that you do not want public. And for God's sake, never use your real name or photo in anything!

I use what amounts to a dummy Google ID to post on sites like this, but I never use the associated email address, and I don't do anything within it that I don't expect to be public. Posts like this are meant for public consumption, so it's okay for me by my own standards. Only you can decide how far you are willing to go, or not go.

When I am about to make a post, I kill all cookies (to deny Google the ability to read anything from any cookies that may have been set since the last deletion at the moment I sign in), then sign in (which will set new cookies), write the post, and again kill the cookies. Yes, I do have to sign in each and every time I write a post, but this isn't a post about convenience... it's about privacy. Use a password manager to lessen the stress on yourself, and make sure its store is well encrypted.

My dynamic IP from my ISP assures that I won't be using the same IP addy two days in a row, and I live near a large city and I use a large regional ISP, so the pool from which the IPs are drawn is large. That stops the two most common and pervasive forms of tracking... but the bad guys are always coming up with more. You can read it if you search browser fingerprinting, and not all of it can be properly mitigated if you're not using TOR (and even then it breaks some sites), but just by blocking the stuff in this post, you stop the biggest majority of it.

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