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The 'Shadow Profile' Economy

The media is mostly focusing on the 87m number, not the real one which as we know is up to 2-Billion (search box loophole). However, that's just the start. This more important revelation has vanished from view, with little scrutiny over 'Facebook no longer using Data-Brokers, except they will':


We know from other EU Data Protection bodies (not the Irish-DPC they're complicit), that Facebook tracks everybody. Any visitor to a website that shares data with Facebook or hosts a Facebook-like button, plus all the info from Data Brokers from Experian to Acxiom. This happens even if you're not a Facebook user, or have closed out your account #DeleteFacebook.


So how are ex-users / non-users Facebook supposed to Opt-Out?


There's no way! Everyone is being tokenized all the time, and that activity is then tracked / traded / shared and leaked! Its this 'Shadow Profile' economy that's most disturbing and creepy, and deserving of extra scrutiny.

Next week when the CEO of Facebook appears in Washington, I fear this is all going to be lost on them. With Zuckerberg controlling the discussion points (weaponizing the narrative as they say) this will all get lost in translation. No doubt Zuckerberg will promise fixes and changes to Facebook, but how is any of that going to fix 'Shadow Profiles' and merging of offline / online data from 3rd-Parties etc!

We are entitled to have Facebook explain this lack of transparency. Only now after the Facebook/Android message slurp revelations, are users waking up to the fact that its often their low-hanging-fruit friends / colleagues / family, that are ratting them out to giants like Facebook (by either sharing too much or not understanding how the process really works).

Facebook has admitted the current problems will take years to fix. That gives them a license to crawl, while investors, users and non-users get to eat bullets. We need more scrutiny of the tech oligarchs and their toys because 'We are the native people's now'!

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