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The entire problem is to do with people (as ever it was in business) have 2 camps of people....the oldies, that are fixed in their ways, and stick to what they know i.e. using WIN32, writing in C++, assembler, etc.....or the "young" hip people, that are fixed in their ways of using just web technology, and have little experience in the low level nuts and bolts involved in an operating system etc. They need people in the middle ground that know the ENTIRE stack, from top to bottom....I would guess they have very few people like that, that. And there lies the get projects, and people trying to defend and promote their own camps, rather than promote what is the best technology to create a reliable and innovative product. Thus you get silly things like neglecting desktop development, because web is the cool thing to do, and you get arbitrary engineering decisions. Then you have the wars between the camps within camps like DevDiv and WinDev.....WinDev don't feel like it is their responsibility to provide services underneath to absolutely nail NET performance...or act as an actual barrier to enabling DevDiv to do it themselves - for example....a "native" low level garbage collecting memory system service.

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